Life may be busy but remember your car

Jan 27, 2016

Be good to your car and it will be good to you! Prep for your daily drive. Don’t wait until your car demands attention at the worse possible time.  We all depend on our vehicles each day to get us on time to work, appointments and leisure events.  Make it a point several times a year to get your car the attention it deserves. A review of your automotive maintenance schedule is a great start.  These intervals are based on your mileage.  Checking the:  battery, coolant and other fluid levels, lights, tire condition and pressure, air filters and wiper blades are a few steps in the right direction.  This can also save you time and money in the long life of your Honda, Acura, Volkswagen and Audi. Our technicians at Gene’s Foreign Car Service can help keep your car reliable and on the road to happy driving.

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Spring Auto Maintenance Tips in Delaware County

Apr 24, 2014

All around Delaware County County, PA, folks are just  fed up with this  long winter and rough roads! Is your car ready for Spring?  We are! There are a few things you will want to keep in mind as the weather begins to warm up! April showers are on their way. Make sure your wipers and tires are in tip top shape for when the wet weather hits. Vital engine fluids such as oil, transmission fluid and coolant should all be checked at the beginning of each season for optimal performance. Y0ur car’s air conditioning system should also be checked before Summer. This check is one that should be left to the professionals. Do not wait for the first 90 degree day! If your car is a  April, May or June inspection, give us a call today to schedule your appointment. From all of us at Gene’s, we would like to welcome you to our  website and wish you a happy and safe Spring driving season!

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Auto Maintenance Tips

Nov 9, 2013

Winter is on the way!  Cold temperatures and wintry weather can be harsh on your vehicle.  Please plan ahead and call for a winter service so you are not stranded in the cold.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind: *Test your battery. *Check and top off all fluids. *Measure tire tread and condition (including spare) . *Replace your windshield wipers. *Finally, we are now inspecting vehicles for:  November, December and January. We appreciate all our loyal customers and wish you and your families safe travels during the upcoming holiday seasons.  

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